Our ski trip to Stubai was definitely one of the coolest ski trips I’ve been to. It wasn’t as adventurous as our road trip in the U.S, but it was definitely a really nice one-week getaway.

Stubai Glacier is located in the Western Austrian Alps, 30 km from Innsbruck. We stayed in a small city called Fulpmes and it took us about 40 minutes to get to the Glacier every morning. However, only 5 minutes away from our hotel we had another mountain called “Schlick 2000”, which was lower in the Alps and had less slopes, but it had a really cool pipe and many off track opportunities (which we love).

Our first day was spent on Schlick, and the rest of the 4 days were spent on the Stubai Glacier. Since my (mum’s) skis are quite old and skinny, they’re not a good fit for doing tricks and powder shredding. I still tried, but it ended up with quite rough falls and I also injured my knee on the second day. I didn’t really care, as I was still able to ski and enjoy after skis for the next days as well.



R did some cool jumps, and by the end I started doing some small jumps myself as well. He told me that I look like 5 year old Kelly Sildaru…yay!..I guess?

On our day-off we went to explore Innsbruck, and also wondered around Innsbruck University. It’s a nice small student city with a really pretty and historic old town. After strolling around a bit, we decided to visit Court Church Innsbruck (Hofkirche)/Church of the Black Men, where we were able to see 28 huge bronze human-statues. These statues were ordered by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I before his death, because he wanted his tomb to be surrounded by his favorite people. He ordered 40 statues, but too bad, Max, you only got 28. You gotta dream big! Now 28 Maximilan’s heroes, ancestors and predecessors from the past are watching over his cenotaph (empty tomb). He’s actually buried in Wiener Neustadt, all alone. Ronald felt it’s necessary to imitate these statues as well…IMG_9575



Looks like the tourists feel the need to touch one specific spot…

We decided to have lunch in one of the historic buildings on the main square (so touristy of us), and it was delicious. During the trip I also realized I’m not a huge fan of Austrian food. Wiener Schnitzel is something I’d only cook when I’m completely broke and the same goes with Käsekreiner (sausage with a Kaiser roll and mustard). Although, I must admit that Kaiserschmarrn (or smashed pancakes with powdered sugar) is a delicious desert to have after eating from the broke-menu.

We both love down-hill skiing a lot and can’t wait for the next year’s ski trip. Any good ideas where we should go next?