It’s a little cute town about 100km from Tartu. We used to go there often during the summer time for rowing competitions, as we both used to row (a lot). This time we headed there to try our wedding cake and just have a lovely Saturday. After tasting the cakes, we were full and overloaded with sugar, but we still decided to go to Rohelise Maja Kohvik / Green House Cafe. It was super cozy, although I was surprised that the prices were almost the same as for cafes in Tallinn. Usually it’s always cheaper in small Estonian towns. Another cafe we wanted to go was Fellin, but sadly it was full – the interior design was really pretty though.



We also decided to go longboarding and Ronald decided to longboard on grass. That ended up with a fall (no surprise here, I guess). In general, Viljandi is a really lovely town with a pretty lake and small cafes. It also has cool ruins of a hill-fort which was built around the 13th century. It’s a perfect city to explore for a one-day holiday.