A few weeks ago we got back from Italy. Another cool trip in the books! We departed from Tallinn on the 10th of July and spent the next 5 days sailing, fixing the yacht, exploring Venice and swimming in the Adriatic Sea.


Our first trip was from Grado (Northern Italy) to Portorož, which is a lovely Slovenian city. We visited this city also in 2013 and everyone were really friendly back then. The weather was calm and it took us only 2 hours to get there. Not sure what happened within these 3 years, but this time around we had to deal with many arrogant Slovenians who hated us for no reason.IMG_4884

At first, when we arrived to Portorož marina, we had to tank the boat as we wanted to depart early in the morning to Venice. We had some maneuvering problems with the yacht as it was a really narrow place for a big boat like ours. The workers there weren’t really happy about it (although we didn’t disturb anyone or break anything) and they decided to refuse to give us diesel. They claimed that they ran out of diesel which was obviously a lie because people after us filled up their tanks. We had to spend the night there in the marina as they promised that “new” diesel arrives early in the morning. So we stayed there and watched the Euro Cup final in the local restaurant. Good food and great company.


A good read for a longer boat ride.IMG_4995

In the morning we decided to leave, but then we realized that the engine won’t start. This was worrisome, so we opened the “door” to the engine (which was the floor of the boat) and it was filled with water! I was terrified, but thankfully it wasn’t a Titanic situation – it was just the pump that was supposed to work automatically and pump the water out, but it didn’t do it’s job. We then tried to fix it but no luck – so we decided to ask the marina workers to help us. They promised someone would come in 3 hours and help us fix the boat. This didn’t happen. Thankfully our captain was an experienced sailor and also a really smart guy who eventually came up with the solution and fixed it. So we decided to go back to Grado (home marina for the yacht) and make sure to fully fix the boat.

A hotel in Portorož. Decent…



After a night in Grado and a dinner in a restaurant with amazing views to the sea, we started our trip to Venice (still on a yacht, which was now fixed). The weather was great – sunny and really good sailing wind. After 7-8 hours of sailing, we reached Venice. We had all been there before, so no big surprises there. Venice was nice, but too touristic for us two and also a bit too noisy. After another round of restaurants and great wine, we took the ferry from Venice to Lido, which is a small island by Venice. This is a place where I could live! Many cute houses and not too lively. There is also a lovely beach which was quite stormy when we were there. Sadly we didn’t have too much time to explore it, as we had to start sailing back to Grado the next morning.

The crazy yachts we saw in Venice…. yes, it’s a helicopter on a yacht.. ($$$)



Travel companions Rene&Siki




We did our best to find the non-touristic places in Venice. A hard task.




And we decided to have a little photoshoot on the stormy beach as well.


The next morning was all fun and games until we got to the sea – cross-head wind with 3 meters high waves. I decided to eat very little just in case – so I had two slices of cucumber and a lot of water. But that really didn’t matter! I threw up these 2 slices and water + everything else I had left in my stomach from previous days. Yuck! I had never been sea sick before and I felt like I was dying. When we had 4 hours left, I had already thrown up 3 times and was barely functioning. The toilet’s window was also leaking so when sitting on the toilet, cold and salty water dripped on your neck. That didn’t really make anything better. At some point I fell asleep like a drunken sailor behind the table. When I woke up, the water was calm and we were almost in Grado. Thank God!

Oh, and we ate A LOOOOTTT of gelato during our trip! A must in Italy, I guess.