A few weeks ago we got back from our trip to Copenhagen. Not a regular place to spend your summer holiday (for Estonians at least not). Since I (E) hadn’t seen Ida, my former rowing teammate for 2 years, we decided it’s time to finally meet again. And oh yes, it was worth it!

IMG_9961On top of Our Savior’s Church.

We had 5 days to spend in Copenhagen, so we got to see quite a lot. Ida was an amazing host and showed us the best of Copenhagen. What amazed us the most was the cycling culture there. The cyclist is the king, and cars are secondary. The roads are really large in Copenhagen, so the pedestrians, cyclists, and cars all have enough space. The bike lanes even have separate lanes for the right and left turns, just like the cars.



Danish foreign ministryIMG_9650

Opera House in the backgroundIMG_9662IMG_9684

The Danish ParliamentIMG_9702IMG_9732


Ida also took us to the free town, which is within Copenhagen, a small area of hippie-minded / anti-establishment (? not sure this is the right term) people. It was founded in the 1970s during the hippie movement, and regular Danish laws don’t apply there. Basically, they have an open drug market (I’m not familiar with all the drug names so I don’t know whether they sold everything, including the hard stuff, or just weed and other stuff). The city within the city was a unique experience and the street art there as well. So I definitely recommend the place – it’s like a little Amsterdam in Copenhagen.


The flag of the Free Town








We really liked Copenhagen’s family-friendly atmosphere and people, and we are definitely considering moving there for a couple of years. The Danes (or Copenhageners) are also extremely good looking and stylish, which doesn’t go unnoticed. It was great to see that men take care of their appearance (meaning no basketball shorts, sweatpants, caps, or other comfortable but ugly stuff in public), and of course women as well.


Also, I’ve always thought that Scandinavian countries are really really expensive (just like Iceland), but to my surprise, Copenhagen’s prices were comparable to Tallinn’s (and now let’s compare the salaries…). Only eating and drinking in the restaurants was about two times more expensive.

Other fun things we did:

  • visited Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (art museum)



  • visited Rosenborg castle



  • biked a lot with Ida’s bikes


  • Spotted cute cafes, dogs and interesting rowing in a mixed coxed pair


  • Copenhagen sightseeing tour on a boat while it was raining


(Our Savior’s Church, where the first picture was taken in this blog post)IMG_0121

  • had amazing breakfasts at Ida’s place, talked deep talks with her, visited the famous Nyhavn street, and stayed fabulous!


Ronald staying fabulous – touching his imaginary hair and pulling off as basic look as possible.IMG_9875

Even though the weather wasn’t really great, we really enjoyed our stay in Copenhagen. I am sooo happy that I got to see Ida again after these years! THANK YOU again, Ida!!!

Next up: hopefully Iran.