Läänemaa & Rummu Quarry

After Saaremaa, we had a day left to explore other cool places before heading back to Tallinn. We decided to stop in Lihula, a small city in Western Estonia, Lääne county. It has cool ruins of hill fort and the bishop's... Continue Reading →


Muhu & Saaremaa

This time we explored Estonia with our Canadian friends (Eglit's former teammate Kate + her sister Ellen). A day after our wedding we took a ferry to Muhu and from there to Saaremaa. Saaremaa is Estonia's largest island and none... Continue Reading →


It's a little cute town about 100km from Tartu. We used to go there often during the summer time for rowing competitions, as we both used to row (a lot). This time we headed there to try our wedding cake and... Continue Reading →

Cool parts of Tallinn

Since Estonia is our home, we can't really describe it as a tourist destination we've been to. The reason we live here is that we love this country. The nature, the people and their sarcasm; our family and friends. We... Continue Reading →

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