Muhu & Saaremaa

This time we explored Estonia with our Canadian friends (Eglit's former teammate Kate + her sister Ellen). A day after our wedding we took a ferry to Muhu and from there to Saaremaa. Saaremaa is Estonia's largest island and none... Continue Reading →


Sailing the Adriatic Sea

A few weeks ago we got back from Italy. Another cool trip in the books! We departed from Tallinn on the 10th of July and spent the next 5 days sailing, fixing the yacht, exploring Venice and swimming in the... Continue Reading →

Ohhh, Porto & wine!

  Since it's a long story, I'll make a quick summary at first. The best things about Porto (or Portugal in general): cheap wine (2-5 EUR a good bottle of wine) good cheese cheap prices (clothes, food etc) fresh fruit people are... Continue Reading →

10 tips for visiting Iceland

Iceland was the coolest place I’ve ever been. And I’ve traveled to about 30 different countries – not a lot, but enough to say that Iceland has the most unique nature I’ve ever seen and the most unpredictable weather I’ve... Continue Reading →

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