Stubai, Austria

Our ski trip to Stubai was definitely one of the coolest ski trips I've been to. It wasn't as adventurous as our road trip in the U.S, but it was definitely a really nice one-week getaway. Stubai Glacier is located... Continue Reading →


Why I hate L.A.

I mentioned the reasons I liked L.A in the previous post, but the reality is that I mostly hate L.A. I probably wouldn't change my experience there for anything else, but I could never imagine myself living in L.A. (or... Continue Reading →

Why I like L.A. a little bit

It's a bit complicated to summarize 4 years in 2 blog posts. But I'll try to give you my objective view of Los Angeles. But at first, I just have to get to the bottom of it and say that... Continue Reading →

U.S Road Trip Part 2

San Francisco & Silicon Valley  After a couple of calming days in Yosemite, we were headed to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. My roommate from college is from Silicon Valley area (Palo Alto), so we got to stay in their... Continue Reading →

U.S Road Trip Part 1

As some of you may know, I (E) studied in the States for 4 years. A lot of rowing and studying sum it up pretty well. I barely had time to travel and I didn't get to see much during these 4... Continue Reading →

Save money on your Iceland roadtrip

Yeah, the tent picture looks a bit sad, but it wasn’t that bad sleeping in a tent. It was just cold. But there wasn’t a moment during this 10 day trip when I was sad. We explored Iceland a week... Continue Reading →

10 tips for visiting Iceland

Iceland was the coolest place I’ve ever been. And I’ve traveled to about 30 different countries – not a lot, but enough to say that Iceland has the most unique nature I’ve ever seen and the most unpredictable weather I’ve... Continue Reading →

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